Break-in at St. Joseph Church in Oakville

We are writing with some sad news and asking for your help.

On Wednesday, Jan 7, Ukrainian Christmas Day, St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Oakville, was burglarized.

From the church bulletin:

In the early afternoon of Wed, Jan 7, an unknown individual broke into the parish office (and several other locked rooms) and walked away with parish collections.

Police now have the video images from the security cameras and we hope they will have success in identifying this individual.

In the meanwhile, should you have made donations by cheque between Sun, Jan 4 and Jan 7, please watch your bank account, or, if you prefer, ask your bank to “hold payment” on those cheque(s). (Please note that our treasurer had already deposited all donations dated until Dec 31, 2014.)

This is certainly an unfortunate occurrence, however we are relieved that no one was harmed during this theft. Should anyone by chance have been at the church between 1-2pm on Wednesday you may be able to help us identify the thief; please advise our parish office or e-mail

Footage from the surveillance video shows the following about the suspect:

*       He is wearing a Burgundy Jacket
*       His jeans are worn out in the seating area.
*       He is wearing running shoes
*       Bald feature on the top of his head.

Please forward this to your Church friends just in case they have seen this individual in our facilities.  Police have our videos and fingerprints have been taken. We are reviewing more video before Jan. 7 to see if we can get a front shot.  If you took any pictures during our Christmas Bazar please review them. He had to be in our facility before hand.

If you have any information, please e-mail

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