Contact MPs to Support Magnitsky Law

The Ukrainian Congress welcomes the adoption of the the “Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act (Sergei Magnitsky Law)” which would “provide for the taking of restrictive measures in respect of foreign nationals responsible for gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.”

Concurrent bills were introduced in the House of Commons by MP James Bezan and in the Senate by Senator Raynell Andreychuk on May 5 and May 4, respectively.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress calls on provincial councils, local branches and member organizations to contact their local Members of Parliament to express their support for this legislation, and request that their MP vote for its adoption.  We recommend calling their constituency office, writing letters, and requesting meetings with as many MPs in your area as possible.  It is always best, but not obligatory, to ensure someone in your delegation who is meeting with the MP is from their riding.

Contact information for Members of Parliament is available here:

To view the UCC’s press release on the Magnitsky Law, please see:

Talking Points for Contacting Members of Parliament

  1. The adoption of Magnitsky Legislation  (C-267 in the House of Commons and S-226 in the Senate) would provide the Government of Canada with an important tool to implement sanctions, including travel bans and asset freezes, against human rights violators in Russia.
  2. We strongly support the Magnitsky Law that has been introduced. We call on all MPs to work for its swift adoption and vote in support of the Magnitsky law.
  3. Over 20 Ukrainian citizens are currently imprisoned illegally by Russia, including Nadiya Savchenko. Repeated calls by the international community for their immediate release continually ignored by the Russian regime.
  4. All four major parties in Canada supported the adoption of Magnitsky legislation when surveyed by the UCC ahead of the 2015 federal election.  (Response to the Magnitsky question from the four parties follows below).
  5. The Ukrainian government has adopted sanctions against 84 individuals responsible for the illegal imprisonment of Nadiya Savchenko and other Ukrainian citizens. The list of those sanctioned includes Russian judges, prosecutors and investigators responsible for the illegal imprisonment of Ukrainians. The Ukrainian government has asked that other countries adopt similar measures.
  6. Canada must send a strong signal to the Russian regime that its continuing abuses of human rights are unacceptable to Canada.

For more information please contact:

Orest Zakydalsky, Senior Policy Advisor, Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Tel. 613-232-8822



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