Kyiv-Mohyla Moot Team Looking for Financial Assistance

A team from the University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy will be participating in the Regional Final of the European Law Moot Court Competition (ELMC – 2016). They are looking for financial assistance in order to fund their participation.

This marks the first year of the Ukrainian university’s participation in this remarkable international competition. This is the first Ukrainian team that has been invited to the Oral Phase of the ELMC. After three months of diligent work under the guidance of their coach, the Kyiv-Mohyla team succeeded in the Written Phase of the competition. From February 25th to the 28th, the Kyiv-Mohyla team is expected to participate in the Regional Final at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

The ELMC is considered the most prestigious moot court within the field of European Union law. Every year more than 80 European and American Universities submit their written pleadings and 48 of them qualify for the Oral Phase. Selected teams compete in a simulated forum of the Court of Justice of the European Union, making their pleadings in both the English and French languages.

The ELMC poses a significant challenge for the present team members, who have a considerable amount of experience participating in the Central and Eastern European Moot Court, the Price Media Law Moot Court, and the Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition. The following students of Kyiv-Mohyla law faculty were selected for the team: Lilia Slobodian (4th year), Oksana Terletska (4th year), and Olha Martynevych (2nd year). Maksym Popovych, who is an alumnus of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Leiden University and a former participant of the Leiden University team in the ELMC, is coaching the team.

At this time, ELMC experience is especially important for the team. It gives them the chance to gain  knowledge which will shape the politics of Ukraine and promote development of future EU law experts. In order to be able to take part in the competition, they are asking for financial support. Assistance would contribute to the schooling of highly skilled lawyers in Ukraine, furthering the acclaim of Ukrainian legal education and practice on the international level. Any support would be highly valued by team members as well as by the Law School staff.

You can find below a rough estimate of the expenditures of the three-member team, and an excerpt from the ELMC Competition Rules about the registration fee.

Contact person: Liliia Slobodian

Phone: +38 063 478 36 78


Web-page of the competition:

Costs Calculation

Type of Expenditures Description Amount
Participation fee per team It includes 200 Euros per each of the team members and 250 Euros per coach. € 850
Accommodation The cheapest housing as of 16.01.16 ( € 400
Transportation(return trip to the competition location by plane for 3 team members + return trip for 1 coach departing from the City of Brussels ) The cheapest tickets as of 16.01.16 ( € 1225
Daily expenses Transportation costs, meals etc. € 700

TOTAL:                                                                      € 3175

We guarantee that all invoices will be provided.

Excerpt from the ELMC 2016 Competition Rules



11.1 The ELMC Society shall at the launch of the Competition each year fix the participation fees, which are fully used exclusively for the running of each year’s Competition.

11.2 The fee is divided into a participation fee payable by all teams, a Regional Final fee payable by those teams proceeding to a Regional Final and an All European Final fee payable by those teams proceeding to the All European Final.

Excerpt from the ELMC 2016 Competition Overview


The participation fees (200 Euros per student and 250 Euros per Coach) are paid to the organisers of each Regional Final and are usually paid by your University, as well as the travelling expenses. Your team is of course free to find other sponsors.

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