Learn Ukrainian in Five Weeks

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Make new friends and help victims of war in Ukraine!

Canada-Ukraine International Assistance Fund and Ukrainian National Federation present an intensive language course (introductory and intermediate level) to learn modern Ukrainian. Total class contact hours – 20, class size – 6-10 people.


October 31 – December 3 2015. Tuesday 7 -9 pm, Saturday 10 -12 am.


You will learn Ukrainian in a fun and interactive environment using the communicative method of language learning and an affordable manual with CDs to reinforce material in between classes. Grammar is not ignored, but taught as a tool for communication, not as a goal in itself.


145 Evans Ave. Ukrainian National Federation – Toronto Branch.                                    


This class is for a wide age range of students from grade nine to retirees. Feel free to invite your younger siblings and older relatives. Separate groups will be formed for total beginners and intermediate level learners.


Irina MacKay, B. A. Ukraine, M. Ed. University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Taught Ukrainian as a foreign language at the University of Saskatchewan; English as a foreign language in Ukraine; Russian as a foreign language at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, and University of Saskatchewan.

Cost: $299 per person.

Compare to the price of a similar language course at the U of T – French for Absolute Beginners 3080 – $425 (http://learn.utoronto.ca/interactive-course-search#/profile/3080). All proceeds will go for humanitarian help in Ukraine. The instructor will be teaching this course as a volunteer. 

Contacts:  Irina MacKay at ira35@hotmail.com for more information. Indicate your name, age and Ukrainian language proficiency level (beginner or intermediate).

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