UCBA Executive Member Andy Semotiuk Starts Legal Aid Clinic

UCBA Executive member Andy Semotiuk is starting a legal aid clinic at Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS). He is offering free immigration advice to anyone interested. He’s proposing to offer such services about once a month for two hours. The next clinic meeting will be at the UCSS office on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at 7 to 9 PM.

If there are any UCBA members who would be interested in joining in the provision of free legal services to Ukrainians in need, please join Andy in his efforts. We need lawyers conversant in family law, estates and wills, landlord and tenant, contracts, criminal law and other areas.

If interested, please email Andy Semotiuk at Andy@myworkvisa.com and join him on that Thursday. We will advertise your availability for that first event and for other future meetings. This is a good opportunity for young lawyers to learn how to practice law and for older ones to share their legal experience in a rewarding way. We will meet prior to December 3rd to coordinate our effort and to brief you on what will be required. Come join us.

Andy J. Semotiuk

U.S. and Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Read his column in Forbes

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