UCBA meets with delegation of Ukrainian Judges

On May 6th, 2015 Alex Ilchenko, UCBA President, Jason Woycheshyn, UCBA Vice-President, Alexandra Chyczij, UCBA Director, and Stepan Luciw, UCBA Member, met in Toronto with a delegation of Ukrainian Judges attending a Professional Development mission to Canada being organized by the Office of the Commissioner of Federal Judicial Affairs Canada (“OCFJAC”).

The Ukrainian Judges are visiting Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal to learn about the Canadian judicial system, the role of Canadian Judicial Councils, the judicial complaints process, judicial independence and the Canadian legislative process.

The UCBA attendees offered to assist the OCFJAC with Ukrainian Judicial Reform projects.

The Ukrainian delegation included:

Justice Valentyna Mykolaivna Simonenko, Justice of the Supreme Court of Ukraine and Head of the Council of Judges of Ukraine

Chief Justice Oksana Oleksandrivna Luchko, Ivano-Frankivsk Administrative Court

Chief Justice Taras Mykhailovych Antoniak, Ivano-Frankivsk City Court

Chief Justice Oleg Glukhanchuk, Odessa District Administrative Court

Justice Ella Valeriivna Katayeva, Odessa District Administrative Court

Judge Volodymyr Klimentiyovych Gurevsky, Judge, Malynovsky District Court in Odessa

Vasyl Petrovych Yanitsky, MP Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy and Justice

Victor Victorovych Korolenko, Head of the Office for Representing the Interests of the President of Ukraine in the Courts, the Administration of the President of Ukraine

Olena Georgiivna Ponomarenko, Chief of the Secretariat, High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine

Polina Vitaliivna Kazakevych, Director of International Cooperation, High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine

Andriy Yevhenovych Kostin, Head of the International Relations Committee of the National Bar Association of Ukraine, Deputy Head of the Odessa Oblast Bar Council

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